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The Last Days are here!

The latest novel in the As The World Dies zombie series is now available at most online retailers (Amazon, Nook, Kobo, etc) for your reading pleasure.

Though technically a prequel, the novel is the 5th book in the series. You can read this novel before The First Days and not be spoiled on the rest of the series.

Purchase here:

In the last days, people in Texas went about their daily business (errands, work, school) oblivious to the apocalypse gradually stirring beneath the layers of civilized society. The world appeared normal, but it was dying. Only a few noticed the signs before it was too late.

In Austin, Cassie and her family were stuck in traffic when the teenager spotted two men locked in a life-or-death battle that ended in gunfire. It’s her video of “zombies” that went viral on social media and sent the first warning shots across the digital landscape. But it’s not easy being a teenager, and convincing your parents that something has gone terribly wrong can be nearly impossible. Soon, Cassie understood that her and her younger deaf brother’s survival was reliant on her.

In Ashley Oaks, the town was on the verge of revitalization and filled with hope. New construction held the promise of a brighter future for the dying town. The townspeople from the city secretary to local conspiracy theorist continued to live their lives even as the news grew more ominous throughout the day. One by one, their lives would change forever. Who will live and who will die hangs in a delicate balance for all of them.

Revisit the final days of Ashley Oaks, the home of the Fort in the As The World Dies series, and experience the first hours of the outbreak through the eyes of familiar residents Peggy, Juan, and Calhoun, and meet new characters Cassie, Kimberly, and others.

Before Jenni & Katie arrived in the big red truck, others struggled to survive The Last Days.

Note: This book can be read before The First Days without spoilers.

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