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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Start a new series with a FREE ebook! - UPDATED 7/24/2020

Can a 12 year-old boy lead his friends to safety when zombies invade his school?

A gripping horror tale for zombie fans of ALL AGES!

#paranormalromance Vanora is torn between the man she loves and the man who would destroy the world to claim her. Can she escape the power of an ancient prophecy, or will she succumb?

#gothichorror “Violence, sensuality, tense conflict and intense drama roll at full speed against the backdrop of romantic Old Europe from the first page to the very end. Frater’s novel has managed to be almost everything to every vampire fan, a feat not easily pulled off.” – Dark Markets review, The Tale of the Vampire Bride Read for Free

#urbanfantasy Amaliya is not your conventional heroine. But when a bastard kills her and buries her in a forest grave, she wakes with a serious case of "I need to kick some ass" along with a brand new lust for blood. Some girls have all the bad luck.

My name is Ilyse Nott, and I fear I am a necromancer. As the large clock in the town square ticks down to my eighteenth birthday, the dead have been appearing in my garden. If I’m discovered, I’ll face the Necromancer Trial and my life is over.

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