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After suffering an unimaginable loss, Mackenzie Babin decides to return to her unhappy childhood home to try to piece her life back together. It won’t be an easy task with so many pieces missing, but she has no other choice.
Until she has a near accident on the back roads of Texas.

Rattled by her already frayed nerves, she decides to impulsively do something that goes against her anxious nature and explore an abandoned diner to prove to herself that she’s strong enough to start over.

Instead, she stumbles through a doorway into the world of dreams and nightmares—a dead spot—where she’s forced to face her worst fears, her past traumas, and creatures of her cruelest nightmares. Worse yet: there isn’t a known exit, and even death won’t release her from the hellish dreamscape.

Mackenzie is on the verge of surrendering to the nightmares when she hears a young child calling out for help. Is it a trap, or a chance to escape?

Dead Spots 3D.png



In the dead spots,

dreams become reality,

terror knows your name,

and nightmares can kill you.


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