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A New As The World Dies Novel

Since the first book was self-published, people will refer to The First Days as The Last Days. Book recommendations are great if the title of the book is correct. I sometimes look at posts that have my name tagged and it's a little heartbreaking how often the wrong title is used. More than one person has reached out to me to ask if I had written a book called The Last Days that was no longer available.

Therefore, I am writing The Last Days so the book recommendations won't lead to a dead-end!!

The Last Days will cover the literal final days of the normal modern world before the zombie apocalypse starts in earnest. You'll get to experience life in Ashley Oaks before the zombie apocalypse and see all the warning signs that something terrible is about to destroy the modern world. There will be new characters that may or may not survive to show up in future books in the series. You'll also get reacquainted with old favorites. Spoiler alert: you'll get to see Calhoun's bunker.

At this time, The Last Days is a Patreon Exclusive. Four chapters have already been uploaded, including the latest Calhoun and the Bunker of Secrets.

Patreon funds my self-publishing endeavors. It has helped me through very lean times. Right now all monthly donations cover publishing costs, marketing, my website, subscriptions related to publishing, and my newly acquired health insurance.

I will be posting multiple chapters per month (between 2 & 3 a week) and it will be available to the $1 tier. I know times are tough, so I made it available to all tiers. I'm hoping to reach 150 patrons by the end of this year. I hope you'll consider joining my Patreon. Once the book is written, revised, edited, and published, I will give all my patrons a digital copy.

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Feb 21, 2022

Oh so this is going to be a prequel, so when should we except a sequel to After Siege? 😅

Feb 22, 2022
Replying to

Thanks for replying ❤️ can’t wait for some more zombie ass kicking ;)

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