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*Short Stories*

-Return Rewind-

(supernatural horror)

Sometimes the past demands payment...and the penalties are high!

-The Fearless Zombie Hunter-


A mother's love will drive her to kill.

-The Necromancer-


A necromancer Cleric must deal with hordes of the destructive undead as they threaten a settlement in a futuristic world…

-Sam Versus The Zombie-


When Sam is separated from his friends, he has to overcome his fears and learn to be a true Zombie Hunter.

-She Stands At The Crossroads-


A mysterious young woman haunts the crossroads in the Texas Hill Country. One particular family lives in fear of her, but sometimes young men in love make foolish decisions.


-In Darkness We Must Abide -

(Paranormal Fantasy Romance)

Vanora is torn between the man she loves and the man who would destroy the world to claim her. Can she escape the power of an ancient prophecy, or will she succumb?

-The Tale of the Vampire Bride -

(Gothic Horror)

“We've got horror, romance, plenty of twists, nonstop action, all narrated by a strong, defiant heroine that you will simply adore.”– Xpresso Reads

-The Living Dead Boy-

(zombie outbreak/horror)

Can a 12 year-old boy lead his friends to safety when zombies invade his school?

A gripping horror tale for zombie fans of ALL AGES!

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