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New Year, New Decade, New Look, New Plan

As 2020 looms on the horizon, I'm revamping how I do a few things. That includes this website, which we've been tweaking slowly but surely since relaunching it. I'll be posting news on this blog along with some posts from my archives that turn the spotlight on my novels and the process behind the scenes. One big publication in 2020 is After Siege. Writing it consumed most of last year. It was very exhausting to write, but I really love how it turned out. Watch this space for more information on how to get an autographed copy, the release date, and more. I am currently preparing to write the third Hidden Necromancer novel, The Cursed Dead, and working on a project for the traditional publishing side of my career. I have some big plans for 2020! I hope you will join me on my journey!

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