Halloween Moviefest 2020 – Movie #10 – The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Streaming Service – Netflix

Watched: 10-10-2020

My husband and I had watched The Babysitter during last year’s Halloween Moviefest and enjoyed it a lot more than we had expected. I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I heard about there being a sequel. All the actors from the original film return to their roles and it’s fun to see how much the kids have grown up in just a few years.

Cole’s life has not been very easy since the previous movie. No one believes that his babysitter was part of a satanic cult that tried to use his blood to make them immortal. Bea disappeared after the final confrontation in the first film and Cole still misses her despite what she tried to do. Melanie, his best friend and love interest from the first film, is still his big crush, but she is seeing a really dumb jock. She’s also taken to dressing and acting a lot like Bea, which makes his crush probably worse.

To make matters more difficult, Cole’s parents are convinced that he needs to be hospitalized at a psychiatric facility because he’s not getting better since he still believes that he fought a satanic blood cult. His parents are just as goofy and fun and ridiculous as the first film, but they obviously love him. I have to say his dad is a such a dork, but a great dad in the end.

Things seem to be looking up for Cole when Melanie invites him to a fun weekend at the lake. He joins her and her friends despite his misgivings. Returning home means being committed to a psychiatric facility, so he stays on the houseboat with them.

When Bea’s original cult members get a second chance to go after Cole, all hell breaks loose literally. His only hope to survive the night is partnering up with a new girl from school named Phoebe. Meanwhile, Phoebe has her own agenda and secrets.

The second movie is just as over-the-top and crazy as the first one when it comes to gore, humor, and all-around insanity. I thought it was hilarious fun and enjoyed it as much is the first one.

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Melanie dressing and acting like Bea should have been a major hint as to what was coming. I didn’t even think about it until it was revealed she was the new big bad. It’s surprising how much she looks like Samara Weaving in this film considering the role she played in the first film. She obviously wasn’t cast with the intention of her looking like Bea, but it definitely worked out in her favor. Her behavior and appearance were definitely a dead giveaway that I wasn’t paying attention to because I expected her to be the love interest, not Phoebe.

I enjoyed the new addition of Phoebe to the story. They gave her enough character development for her to become a sympathetic character and someone you could understand Cole being attracted to. I also liked how her past connected to Bea.

I was really glad when Samara Weaving did show up at the end and explained how Bea came to be a demon. She didn’t do it out of selfishness, but out of a desire to save Phoebe’s life. That explains her reluctance to kill Cole in the first film and her plan to merely knock him out and extract his blood using a syringe. Her actions in the first film make a lot more sense knowing her origins.

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