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Halloween MovieFest 2020!

Last year I decided to enjoy the Halloween season to its fullest by doing my own personal horror movie marathon. I had a lot of fun watching a movie every night and writing reviews. Many of my readers told me how much they enjoyed reading the reviews and discovering movies to watch. At the end of the marathon, I released the entire list and did an image (like the one above) for the films I'd watched. I also did a recap. You can see the full list here.

This year I decided to release my full list ahead of the marathon so people can watch along with me! I may or may not watch in the order I have listed. It depends on my mood. The films are a mix of old favorites and movies I haven't seen yet. I realize the list is pretty zombie heavy this year, but I missed more films than I realized. I wish there were more good ghost movies. I don't like slasher films and usually don't watch anything with demonic possession (but make a few exceptions). I'm cautious with rape/revenge films, too. The Nightingale is in that genre of horror, but it's set in a different country and time period than they usually are and looks intriguing. I only have ONE more movie to select, but I'm not sure which one yet. Feel free to suggest a film! I'm leaning toward the original Children of the Damned. I might also add a bonus movie or two as the month goes on. This is the list so far & I included where you can watch, too. Note: A lot of streaming services have free trials you can sign up for and most movie rentals are around $3.99.

  1. Babysitter: Killer Queen -Netflix

  2. #Alive -Netflix

  3. Dark Skies -Netflix

  4. The Girl with all the Gifts- Netflix

  5. Malevolent - Netflix

  6. World War Z -Hulu

  7. They Come Knocking - Hulu

  8. Pure- Hulu

  9. Uncanny Annie - Hulu

  10. The Shape of the Water -Hulu

  11. The Nightingale- Hulu

  12. Overlord- Hulu

  13. Anna and the Apocalypse -Hulu

  14. Mom and Dad -Hulu

  15. I am Hero -Amazon Prime Rental

  16. Elvira Mistress of the Dark- Hulu

  17. The Dead Zone -Amazon Prime

  18. Fright Night- Amazon Prime

  19. Host -Shudder

  20. La Llorona -Shudder

  21. The Wrath-Shudder

  22. Ginger Snaps -Shudder

  23. Lizzie -Shudder

  24. One Cut of the Dead - Shudder

  25. Yummy -Shudder

  26. The Shed- Shudder

  27. Crimson Peak - Vudu Rental

  28. The Others -Youtube Rental

  29. The Shining - Youtube Rental

  30. Doctor Sleep - HBO Max

  31. ???? (TBD)

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